By Cindy Adams


EnCircle’s administrative office on McVitty Rd. in Roanoke is on the move! After a great deal of consideration, board members and leadership decided to move out of the current building and into a smaller, leased space — for good reason.

"Given that much of our work is now remote and/or hybrid, we no longer need that much space," explained Ray Ratke, CEO of enCircle. "This move will produce some financial savings that can be reallocated to our programs and the people we support each day."

EnCircle’s Guiding Principles serve as a beacon in decision-making and investment. The practice of stewardship is evident here: We believe in and take seriously the vital nature of our work in changing lives. To do so, we must conscientiously allocate resources in a way that best serves those in our care.

"The expansion of our programs allows us to bring even more people into our circle," said Ray Ratke. "This is our heartbeat and our mission, and we take each step in accordance with that priority."

As we leave one space to move into another, we are mindful to protect our legacy. Our Quality team has been diligently sorting and packing our historical information and old client records, finding treasures along the way! Our past is a meaningful part of our future and speaks to our ongoing commitments to the community.

EnCircle’s administrative offices may have moved only a block or so down the road to Colonnade Drive, but that small move is accompanied by big hopes to increasingly impact the lives of others, the intent established from our very beginnings back in 1888.