By Evan Ratke 

Every person committed to enCircle’s mission brings a different form of experience to the organization, adding to the overall mission in their own unique way. For Lisa Alderman, it isn’t just her years of work and volunteer experience that make her a crucial partner of enCircle; it’s also because Alderman views her role on the enCircle Board of Directors as one of her most important. 

"EnCircle is an organization I only wanted to join if I felt like I had something to contribute. And fortunately, having worked in nonprofits and in leadership roles, I believed I could do so." 

Possessing a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management and a Master of Business Administration from King College (now King University) in Tennessee, Alderman has contributed to a variety of organizations throughout her career. 

"I’ve spent more than 25 years in resource and business development in both public and private settings, large and small." 

From a company where she was perhaps the seventh employee hired to a company with 70,000 employees worldwide, Alderman has often served in leadership roles. Administrative Director of the Educational Foundation at Wytheville Community College, Director of Development at Barter Theatre, and Senior Director of Strategic Accounts at LabCorp Drug Development are just snippets of her resume. However, her work history isn’t the only insight she brings to the enCircle Board table — she is also an active member of Trinity Lutheran Church in Wytheville. 

"I have the perspective of experience in leadership and nonprofits, and I have perspective as a member of the Lutheran Church and being a part of that historical connection to enCircle."

Indeed, it was Alderman’s involvement with her church that led her to enCircle. For years, she and her church have been supporting students and teachers at Minnick School in Wytheville. It wasn’t long into that work when Alderman became aware of the larger enCircle organization attached to that Minnick School, and from there, the decision was easy! 

"EnCircle is a group that serves overlooked and, even, avoided populations. It’s an organization where the more you learn the more you want to say, 'What do you need to grow and expand to help others?' Once you get to know the people and their skills and their expertise, it becomes something you want to contribute to." 

After five years on the Board of Directors, Alderman’s dedication extends to all levels and programs. 

"I have such high confidence in the staff and the leadership. I have admiration for those who are there every single day working long hours supporting those who don’t have the ability to take on life in the same way as others. And there is such a strong sense of respect among Board members and leadership. Everyone brings something special to the table."