By Cynthia Adams

A Harrisonburg Minnick School educational aide wanted to "do good" by her students when she posted a request on social media for items to fill 10 small hygiene bags. Page Hearn and Warren Cash from Staunton not only responded but delivered ten-fold. After dropping off the hygiene bags, they toured the school and learned about the students. They came back a few hours later with a basketball hoop, various balls, a pump, outside chalk and plans to do more.

Page and Warren own Queen City Strength gym in Staunton which also functions as somewhat of a headquarters for good deeds. It is where people gather, learn of need, and deliver items that support. Page and Warren ensure the donations get into the right hands.

"We can all work together to meet the needs in our own communities," Page said. "We love to see people get involved and then watch what happens, for both the givers and the receivers."

Investments tend to multiply.

A month after their initial visit, Page and Warren returned to Harrisonburg Minnick, equipped with the generosity of others. They brought large Santa bags and Walmart gift cards for each student. They served lunch and, more importantly, kind and encouraging words. They went shopping with the students and, afterward, returned with a restaurant gift card for each staff member.

It is said that kindness begets kindness. For moldable students, there is a seed of understanding. For devoted teachers, there is inspiration. For the community, there is another victory for "good."

For two students at Harrisonburg’s Eastern Mennonite University, there is the joy of giving and receiving and the prompt to share that opportunity with others. Hearing about the need at Minnick, Sarah Campbell and Savanna Crawford offered to help Page and Warren serve lunch and shop with the students. Now they’re also brainstorming ways to help this small school in the university’s backyard, one they didn’t even know existed before now. The college students’ eagerness is contagious.

"There are needs all day, every day," said Page, "and countless ways to get involved. All you have to do is make a phone call and ask, 'what do you need?' It’s one of those things that you enter in to thinking you are helping someone else, but you leave feeling like you are the one who received. "Warren added, “I think God works through the community and the people who step up to do his work."

Page and Warren exemplify a spirit of generosity and encourage other community members to give in whatever capacity they can because doing good benefits everyone.

"It means so much to us when our community partners with us," said Jennifer Hitt, Harrisonburg Minnick School principal. "Our staff is affirmed, and our students thrive with the additional support. It’s motivating and it’s just good for everyone."

We have opportunities to get involved! If you or your business, community group, or church would like to partner with us to support people in one of our programs, email our Philanthropy team!