By Cindy Adams


Karina Vazquez wants to do her job better and better. That means continuing her education, even while working and raising a family. While she earned her bachelor’s degree in international business in 2007 in her home country of Mexico, she had to start over when she moved to Virginia a couple of years later. Since her family moved often, her pursuit of education was inconsistent, but she believed in its value and its importance in establishing a solid foundation.

For years, Karina was dedicated to full-time parenting, but a few years ago she enrolled in a therapy assistant course and received a certification from the National Occupational Competency Testing Institute. She was motivated to continue growing. She also started working as a Safe Release Specialist at enCircle.

"It was the support from my coworkers and the flexibility from my supervisor that helped me realize that this was the time to start my journey toward my long-term educational goal."

Karina wants to earn a college degree in the United States, believing the continued education will enhance her communication skills so that she can better serve her community. She recently earned her GED, so she is well on her way.

"The moral support, encouragement and professional guidance I’ve received has been invaluable," Karina said. "Knowing this is possible and being a part of an organization where people want to help is a tremendous blessing."

Karina accepts her GED



EnCircle strongly encourages employees to pursue formal education that leads to professional growth and provides an Education Assistance Program to help support these efforts. Employees who work a regularly scheduled 30 hours or more are eligible. Almost 60 people have received assistance over the last couple of years.