EnCircle’s Guiding Principles set forth a vision that all people in our communities will receive the support they need to live abundant lives. We cannot accomplish this alone; thus, our "Shared Ownership" principle! Sharing our challenges, concerns and tasks extends beyond the walls of enCircle staff. It includes community partners and individual supporters, all of which help us widen our circle.


Larry and Ally Schoff are examples of faithful community supporters – hands and feet of Christ, operating with the congregants of Our Savior Lutheran Church in Christiansburg, led by Pastor Josh Copeland. Their ministry is a daily operation.

"The Lord has blessed us with a retirement that allows us to do this work," explained Larry. "This is what He wants us to do with our time and resources."

Larry shops 4-5 times per week to secure desired items on the wish lists. He knows what time to go for the very best deals (8-10 a.m.!) and store employees graciously lead him to the real bargains. They know Larry and they understand the mission. Once home, Larry inventories the goods, determines the weight of each item, sorts store receipts and uses spreadsheets for tracking. He is meticulous!

What started as food deliveries to Montgomery County Emergency Assistance Program’s food pantry extended to include the Minnick Vocational School on Starkey Road in Roanoke in 2016. Ally, a retired special needs teacher, had connections and that was the beginning of a solid relationship between enCircle and the Schoff family.

The Schoff’s continue to deliver everything from fresh, hand-picked corn-on-the-cob to cleaning supplies every other week to enCircle’s Group Homes and schools in Roanoke. This past fall, they added a monthly delivery to Wytheville Minnick. The Group Homes share the supplies across the state.

The Schoff’s van is filled to the ceiling with much-needed goods and, more importantly, love. When they arrive at their destinations, the smiles on all the faces are a reminder that Shared Ownership is a win-win practice and a selfless act of generosity. The results are abundant lives – for all.