By Evan Ratke


Heera Simon officially joins the enCircle Board of Directors in October, but with her experience and passion for community service she could begin her work with enCircle at any time and fit right in. A business owner and mother to three daughters, Simon hails from India and arrived in the United States in 1976 after her marriage to her devoted husband Howard. She has since spent the past several decades as the proprietor of a trio of fast-food restaurants, as well as real-estate ventures. Even with all the time Simon has dedicated to her family and the management of her businesses, she has committed a substantial amount of attention and effort to volunteer service.

While some of that service has taken place domestically through charities connected to her businesses, Simon has worked extensively in her home country of India. Volunteering with three separate organizations in India and traveling there at least twice per year to work with those organizations hands-on, she is well-versed in a broad range of campaigns to improve the lives of people who are often neglected. Be it providing proper care to terminally ill patients in remote villages, refurbishing churches and building homes, working with children and people with disabilities, or helping women with a history of abuse achieve independence, Simon’s drive to serve others has only increased with experience. And she sees enCircle as a fitting place to continue that work.

“My passion is to work with people who are really in need and have been neglected otherwise. So the mission of enCircle is very close to my heart.”