By Cindy Adams


The words "you’re welcome" naturally follow a "thank you." Today, however, "you’re welcome" came first. Those may not have been the exact words spoken, but the feeling was certainly conveyed.  

"You’re welcome." Meaning, I welcome you — I’ve been looking forward to seeing you.  

It wasn’t about what was being delivered. Not at all. It was about the person making the delivery. And that person was one of the participants in enCircle’s Lynchburg Day Support program who chose to spend the morning volunteering for the Meals on Wheels program. 

A Meals on Wheels recipient waves to Lynchburg Day Support volunteers

On this day, the meal recipients were greeted with Marquitta’s sweet voice, Ed’s kind eyes and Jasmine’s stunning smile. Immediately, they had received much more than a meal and they knew it. 

"Even more than this meal, I look forward to seeing you all," said one of the Meals on Wheels participants as she waved to each one in the group. "All of you are a thrill." 

Recently, one of the meal recipients was so happy to see them that she bought each one a soda. 

Getting out in the community and helping others is what the Lynchburg Day Support participants say they enjoy the most.  

"They quickly help each other and anyone else they see," explained Brinda Harris, Direct Support Professional, who was assisting them with the deliveries. "They know how to turn even a bad day into a good one." 

"It’s all about working together. Right, Marquitta," Brinda asked. 

"Right!" was the quick and enthusiastic response.  

Volunteers from Lynchburg Day Support sort through coolers

Marquitta says she really enjoys making the deliveries and talking with the people. 

"I like helping with Meals on Wheels because my family taught me to treat people the way I want to be treated," Marquitta adds.  

No wonder they are earnestly welcomed. They bring so much more than food. They bring joy.