By Cindy Adams


In the busyness of the day, you presume people are moving at their own pace without much notice of those around them. But that’s not often the case.

A trip to Five Guys for a shake and fries reminded Shauniece Scott, Roanoke Day Support DSP, that people are always watching. While she, Travis, Glenn and Devin enjoyed their food, a patron approached her with a smile.

"She told me she had been watching us and that what I was doing was special," Shauniece said. "Then, she hugged me tight — the biggest hug ever! I thought it was a regular day, and I was just doing what I do, but she saw it differently."

Shauniece said she was shocked and in tears. Travis, of course, was grinning and clapping.

"Getting out in the community helps us all learn and grow," Shauniece said. "It’s fun watching the interactions because I see a different side of our folks. We always get kind comments. I just love it."

Shauniece recently took a group to Melrose Library for bingo and described their enthusiasm when they won and how Shirley brightened up the whole place. The impact they make and the joy they bring others is undeniable.

"People notice," said Alisa Woods, Roanoke Day Support Supervisor. "We can be walking in the park or sitting under the pavilion and people will take the time to stop with their dogs and talk with us. You think people aren’t paying attention, but they are."